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What is

No-Sweat Intro?

Kruunisactive is in the business of helping people create a healthy lifestyle for themselves and their family. For us to do that properly, we need to spend time with each of our members to find out what you are truly trying to get out of this experience.


During our No-Sweat Intro, we will talk about your exercise history: What you have done in the past? What you are currently doing? And most importantly, if any of it actually has helped you reach your goals?


At the end of the No-Sweat Intro, we will be able to make a clear plan how to reach your first goal (and all the mini goals along the way!). 


This might include group training, personal training, nutrition accountability or even all three! It is nearly impossible to tell which one of our services suits you best. Therefore, this chat with us is really important.


So, are you ready to find out how we can help you reach your goals?


Book your free No-Sweat Intro now, and let's plan your health journey together!

Click below, and book your No-Sweat Intro.

Your coaches
Group member
I have longed for sports opportunities to Kruunuvuorenranta for many years now, so Kruunisactive was definitely wanted service here!
As a mother of 3, I have no time to travel far away for my own hobbies. A huge plus is also that Kruunisactive offers training possibilities almost every day. You can train in the morning or evening, and most importantly, the trainings are
close by.
The community is amazing, and you don't always have to be a "fan" of group trainings, if you don't want to. You just do what you can that day - #justshowup is quite an accurate slogan :)
I have also discovered many new things, thanks to coaches, which I didn't know before. As an example, the deep abdominal support during different movements. Thank you coaches for calmly explained directions. See you at the trainings!"


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